Forward by Winston Blackmore.


It has now been three years since we were handled by Warren Jeffs. Much has happened in that time. Our friends in the south have been decimated in their families. The Fundamentalist believing people of Colorado City have changed the landscape of Mormon history forever. Literally hundreds have changed last names. People have left by the hundreds. Young men and women have been given up on and been put out of their families, their homes, and the contact of their parents.


Millions of dollars have been spent on building up places like Eldorado, Mancos, Mesquite, and who knows how many other locations. The FLDS leadership are on the run and in hiding. Truly the once proud twin cities of the saints will be known as one of the waste places of Zion.


Uncle Fred, the venerable testimony of thousands has gone the way of all the earth. Anyone that was connected to us in Canada was turned away at the door at his funeral. Uncle Louis was buried without a dedication of his grave. His wives were already other men�s wives, his children other men�s children.


In Canada, Robert Blackmore is the first casualty of the Warren regime since the mass excommunication. The Warren faithful have abandoned their family members who do not hail him as their God. It is truly a strange day and time.

Last updated March 22, 2006

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