Newcomer Senior Care

Contributed by Jennifer Yung

Anna (not her real name) came from China to Canada to look after her grandchildren in 2016 when she was 56. In time, her grandchildren grew up and their parents were engrossed in their own business. Anna longed for her life and friends in China. Her lack of English skills and means of transportation left her increasingly isolated. She began experiencing hallucinations, believing that someone visited her house daily after her daughter left for work. She was frightened, but her pleas for help were dismissed. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated her problems.

Anna was eventually connected to a church-based ESL group. She found support from her teacher and classmates, got to know the Bible and learned the basics of English. She experienced peace and had confidence that her life in Canada would be manageable.

If we open our eyes and look, we will see many senior immigrants like Anna among us. Are you prepared to reach out to them in their isolation? Is your church ready?

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