Equipping Canadian Leaders To Help Churches Reach Their Neighbours From All Nations

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November 18, 2023

1:00 – 4:00 p.m. EST

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Did you know … 400,000 international students came to register for Canadian universities and colleges in 2023? … from nearly every country around the world. … from the most powerful, successful, or influential families of their country—they too are leaders. Are you committed to reaching leaders? … to a test of fire, expected to overcome…

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Statistics Canada tells us that from 2016-2021 more than 218,000 refugees came to Canada. The greatest number of recent refugees have come from Syria (about 44,000) and Afghanistan (about 38,000). In the last 18 months, more than 180,000 evacuees from Ukraine have arrived in Canada. Our federal government plans to welcome about 75,000 more refugees…

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Newcomer Senior Care Contributed by Jennifer Yung Anna (not her real name) came from China to Canada to look after her grandchildren in 2016 when she was 56. In time, her grandchildren grew up and their parents were engrossed in their own business. Anna longed for her life and friends in China. Her lack of…

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Practical Workshops

Sessions that help you and your church respond to the complex realities of diverse communities. Taught by leaders with years of hands-on experience in reaching out to newcomers and bridging across cultures.

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Reaching New Canadians

How can your church reach the many new Canadians in our communities? Workshops explore specific strategies, such as ESL programs and transferrable principles for engaging diverse communities with the Gospel.

National Cooperation

Share the Light brings together shared wisdom and experience from across Canada and across the spectrum of Christian denominations. Six different mission organizations, joining together to equip you through one event.

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