Statistics Canada tells us that from 2016-2021 more than 218,000 refugees came to Canada. The greatest number of recent refugees have come from Syria (about 44,000) and Afghanistan (about 38,000). In the last 18 months, more than 180,000 evacuees from Ukraine have arrived in Canada. Our federal government plans to welcome about 75,000 more refugees each year.

What can your church do to welcome refugees moving into your community? 

Our experienced panelists will address the following:

  • What life is like for refugees coming to Canada
  • How local churches are uniquely suited to support refugee claimants arriving in Canada.
  • What a Sponsorship Agreement Holder ministry entails.
  • How private sponsorships advance the Gospel and make disciples.

To learn more, we invite you to check out the Track III option: Panel Discussion on Refugee Ministry in Canada on our conference schedule page.

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